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Our Approach - Africa Institute of ManagementPrior to engaginginany business-consulting endeavor,weenterconfidentiality agreement with our client to ensure our dealings stay between us.

The next step is to conduct a problem analysis, training needs assessment or a simple organizational assessment and gauging competitive intelligence depending on the nature and scope of the assignment to determine the current situation in the organization. An accurate inventory of your strengths and weaknesses helps us to achieve your goals and address your expectations effectively and efficiently.

We then work with key staff to determine an appropriate strategy to pursue to achieve the set targets basing on the established criteria. Our endeavor may take several paths, which will vary from case to case although we believe in following accepted best practices regard less of the methodologies in order to minimize risks.

For organizational change and Institutional Development we apply a strategic systems perspective through the examination of all key linkages in the organization line with new thinking on organizational grow than development.

As Management Consultants, we work with the client to develop customized solutions to strategic challenges. Therefore, in every assignment we are keen to work together with key stakeholders so as to provide high quality services.

At AIM, our relationship does not only stop at the completion of an assignment, but we continue supporting your staff at no price in terms of coaching and mentoring as well as tracing performance based on the agreed outcomes and objectives of a given assignment.