Africa Institute of Management (AIM)

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At AIM, everyone is critical and important to us and you are always a Priority Client because of the loyalty that you will continue exhibiting to us from the very first sale preceding our sales lead! Please see below the 20 most loyal and priority clients who have tapped into our unbeatable competences and quality services:

Ethiopia TheEthiopian RepublicHealth Association.
Ghana NationalCommunicationsAuthority
Ghana GhanacommunicationsAuthority
Kenya Ethiopian Public Health Association
Kenya Ministryof MedicalServices
Kenya Kenya Bureau ofStandard
Kenya HigherEducation LoansBoardHELB
Kenya Central Bank of Kenya
Kenya CommunicationsCommission OfKenya
Kenya Deposit Protection FundBoard
Kenya Ministryof Foreign Affairs
Kenya Kenya Bureau ofStandard
Kenya Kenya Urban RoadsAuthority
Kenya Kenya Electricityregulatory Authority
Lesotho Ministryof Natural Resources
Lesotho Ministryof Health&Social Welfare
Lesotho NationalRoad Fund
Lesotho Ministryof Agriculture
Lesotho Ministryof Education
Lesotho Central bank of Lesotho
Lesotho Lesotho Revenue Authority
Lesotho Department ofWaterAffairs
Lesotho Ministryof Agriculture
Lesotho NationalAssembly of Lesotho
Lesotho Econet Telecom Lesotho
Lesotho Central bank of Lesotho
Botswana Ministryof Agriculture
Botswana Industrial CourtofBotswana
Tanzania BetterRegulationUnit
Tanzania Tanzania Celton Beerd
Tanzania Prime Minister'sOffice
Tanzania Ministryof Agriculture
Tanzania Ministryof Water&Irrigation
Tanzania Officeofthe Registrarof Political Parties
Tanzania Ministryof Health& Social Welfare
Tanzania Lake Victoria Environment MGT Project
Tanzania Tanzania CommunicationRegulatory
Tanzania Prime Minister'sOffice
Tanzania ParastatalPension Fund
Tanzania OfficeManagementSecretary
Tanzania Ministryof Home Affairs
Tanzania President'sOffice - Planning Commission
Tanzania NationalBureau ofStatisticsTZ
Tanzania Ministryof EastAfrican Cooperation
Tanzania Tanzania CommunicationRegulatory
Tanzania Bank ofTanzania
Tanzania Officeofthe Registrarof Political Parties
Tanzania President'sOffice PlanningCommission
Tanzania Ministryof Finance &EconomicAffairs
Tanzania VocationalEducation &training Authority
Tanzania NationalElectoralCommission
Tanzania NationalBureau ofStatistics
Tanzania CommunicationsRegulationsAuthority
Tanzania PublicProcurementAppealsAuthority
Tanzania Controllerand Auditgeneral
Tanzania African Courton Human& people'sRight
Tanzania Energy &WaterUtilitiesRegulatoryAuthority
Tanzania HousingFinance Bank ltd
Tanzania VETA DSM
Tanzania Commission ForMediation and Arbitration
Tanzania Tanzania CivilAviationAuthority
Tanzania FairCompetition Tribunal FCT
Tanzania Arusha International Conference Centre
Tanzania NationalAuditOffice
Tanzania President'sOffice PlanningCommission
Tanzania FairCompetition Tribunal
Tanzania Energy andWaterUtilitiesRegulatoryAuthority
Tanzania Tanzania EducationAuthority
Tanzania Ministryof Finance
Tanzania President’sOffice -State House
Uganda Ministryof Finance,Planning &EconomicDevelopment
Uganda ParliamentaryCommission
Uganda The Uganda ElectoralCommission
Uganda The Uganda ParliamentaryCommission
Uganda Directorate of PublicProsecutions
Uganda Uganda CommunicationsCommission
Uganda Bank of Uganda
Uganda Directorof PublicProsecutions
Uganda Population Secretariat MOFPED
Uganda Civil AviationAuthority
Uganda Uganda CommunicationsCommission
Uganda International MissionariesforChristUganda
Uganda African Epidemiology Network (AFENET)
Zambia ZambiaAirForce
Zambia Regional Office