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This is a practical computer based program on credit risk management designed to give participants the skills and strategies to manage lending portfolios as they face new challenges and prepare for Basel II. Upgrading knowledge in new credit techniques is a serious issue. Lending fiasco caused by a drive for earnings at the expense of asset quality have led to asset quality problems, disappointing bank performance, many bank failures and intensified regulatory examinations. Participants in this course will now be able to manage risk in a holistic manner.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Keep abreast with the ltest techniques in cash flow and ratio analysis, forecasting, pricing, portfolio management, financial restructuring, valuation and financial distress analysis.

  • Build loss distribution and measure expected and unexpected losses.
  • Select appropriate credit risk model as per organization's requirements
  • Understand various techniques for portfolio credit risk management

Target Group

Bank Managers, Branch Managers, Portfolio Managers, Credit Officers, Treasury Managers, Financial Analysts, Financial Managers, Portfolio Analyst, Chief Accountants, Financial Controllers, Operations Officers, Customer Relations Manager