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As a specialized course, this program is designed to unify your learning experience. This course buildson your previous learning and acts as a stepping-stone to the reall world of business. The purpose of this course is to enhance participants' knowledge on gender issues in business, teach research skills, and assist participants in developing strategies for success in the business world.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, Participants will be able to complete the follwoing key tasks:

  • Research and discuss theories, concepts and issues affecting women and men in business

  • Conduct secondary research

  • Define the capabilities essential for successful leadership

  • Apply ethical business principles to all types of businesses

  • Indentify opportunities and challenges facing women and men as professionals in a business environment and develop strategies for change at personal, organization and structural levels.

  • Recommend and implement changes, as necessary, in order to enhance personal and orgnaizational goals