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Leadership skills are very critical for every supervisor. This course is tailored to enable supervisors be in position to define who they are, articulate their roles and deliver on those roles appropriately by ably designing a leadership agenda that facilitates their supervisory role. Participants will learn to amicably resolve conflicts, manage change, and build winning teams that can ably articulate the reason for their existence and place their roles in the context of the wider organization.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course participants will be able to;

  • Think differently in the overall growth and improvement of the organization

  • Gain better understanding of the overall leadership role

  • Understand and apply the concept of supervision and relate it to the respective role and responsibilities.

  • Comprehend and adapt appropriate leadership skills for various situations

  • Enhance communication skills with all levels of staff for cross functional effectiveness.

Target Group
Supervisors, Team leaders, Staff supervisors or Line managers who are looking for the key principles of modern supervision practice