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This course should create an awareness of the reasons why organizations experience crises and what might be done to identify problems, to avoid potential failur and to transform the organization to enable it to succeed in the future. the first step towards transformation is to know that there is a need. Therefore the Course will begin with an examination of the symptoms and more particularly, the causes of failure. This sounds rather negative, but our experience shows that the greatest barrier to transformation is to accept that there is a need before it is too late. Through training, participants will undergo a paradigm shift in looking at issues of  managing distress and business failure.

Course Objectives

Specifically, this course aims at ensuring that the participantsare able to:-

  • Investigate and discover the causes of organizations collapses

  • Learn from past failures so as to avoid them in future

  • Appreciate the consequences of failures for our own organizations and

  • Review processes of turnaround strategies