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Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) are critical tools for decision making for any programme and/or project. Knowing how much to use M&E information without looking at it as an audit is what makes some projects excel, while others simply dont make it. Participants in this course will learn what it takes to have an effective and efficient M&E system, starting right from the design of the programme through its cycle. Participants will also gain skills of developing user-friendly data collection tools that can be used by different programme stakeholders. Through this training, you will have an opportunity to interact with different M&E systems that you can draw critical lessons from.

Course Objectives

By the End of this training Participants will be able to:-

  • Develop Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

  • Carryout effective program monitoring and Evaluation

  • Design matrices and data collection instruments

  • Analyze and Competently Report Monitoring and Evaluation data

  • Use the findings from Monitoring and Evaluation to improve specific programs

  • Track progress on implementation of specific projects.

Target group

Project Managers, Project Officers, Program Assistants, Program Managers, Monitoring and Evaluation Managers, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers