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In the public sector, the total spend on the procurement for goods/supplies, services and works constitute over 70% of the organizations financial resources, however there are limited professionals to manage the function. This course is designed to impart appropriate skills, knowleedge, competencies, tools and techniques of waste elimination and value addition in the procurement functions of organizations

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:-

  • Describe the general procurement and contract management environment

  • Execute an  effective procurement management process

  • Describe the procurement and contract legal environment from a an African context

  • Draw effective procurement plans and carry out effective specification drawing, develop terms of reference

  • Prepare sound and acceptable bids/proposals for consultancies, supplier.

  • Carry out pre-qualification and short listing; evaluation of bids

  • Award bids and prepare sound contact agreements

  • Understand how to carry out contract administration, management supervision, evaluation, monitoring and follow up.

Target Group

Procurement Officers of Public Institutions, Officers in Public procurement and Disposal entities, Head of Department, Finance Officers, Economists, Members of Procurement Committees, Contractors and all those involved in Private Public Partnerships