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Africa Institute of Management (AIM) offers fast and modern Unified Video Conferencing Solutions that enable multimedia, multiparty communications in the boardroom, Office, home, or on the go over wireless for your:

  • Group conferencing and meetings
  • Business/BOD Meetings
  • Distance learning/Examinations
  • Job and Business Interviews
  • Training and video telephony Courses

Our VCS provides core IP-centric functionality, a wide range of layouts, powerful audio and video transcoding and our services are pre-configured so that they suit most conferencing requirements. However, when necessary, we can create customized services to suit your networks and needs.

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Plot 29 Plot Stretcher Road (Ntinda)
T: 0393265987/0393103737/0393265989 M:0776265989/0776265987
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The X-culture program takes place at the 4 different continents and at our main and leading international business Institutions/universities in Uganda throughout the year and the training takes place for at least one week.

This involves reviewing the project materials and also taking an online pre-project readiness test, prior to the start of the project and before names of the participants is submitted.

The early tracks of the Project will start from January 20th to March, 15th 2017, March 1st to April, 25, 2017, August 20th to October 15th 2017,October 1st to November 25th 2017 for the late tracks.
This program allows students to immediately start an international career in today's global society and is collaborated by the Africa Institute of Management (AIM), Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda.

Africa Institute Of Management (AIM) has once again organised the 2018 Africa Institute of Management - International Management Symposium (AIM – IMS) that will be in Royal Suites Bugolobi - Kampala from the 12th - 16th/November/2018. Here is more information about the Symposium.


The AIM International Management Symposium is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in management. The symposium promotes collaborative excellence between academicians and professionals in Africa and other parts of the World. The aim of the Symposium is to provide an opportunity for leaders and managers from various fields to bridge the knowledge gap, promote research esteem and the evolution of administrators. Therefore, the symposium targets participants globally who are either in or aspiring to get into leadership and management, those both who are employed and self-employed.

Therefore, the Africa Institute of Management International Management Conference is designed for demandingand busy people like you, the professionals who appreciate the value of others' experience and want to benefit from it. In just five (5) days, you'll gain ideas and tools that you'll start using the very next workday to create a culture amongst your peers and subordinates of yielding the right and desired results.