Africa Institute of Management (AIM)

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Enhancing the skills for secretaries and personal assistants, for challenges of a dynamic corporate administrative management to promote Good corporate image and in turn help the organization achieve its goals. In order to have a functioning business environment, it it necessary to have employees capable of working together as team and communicating effectively. AIM understands the importance of both these factors and the knowledge of the employees making up the business environment.

As a leading management institute, we also know that it is important to teach skills not found in a textbook, such as problem solving, time management and good customer service. Participants will be taught how to manage projects, effectively prepare and organize business documents, operate office equipment, and various other skills needed to assist in the fluid operation of a business environment. The skills and knowledge you will gain are invaluable assets to your future and sucess of your ogranisation.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:-

  • Balance secretarial and supervisory duties

  • Accept the challenges of increased responsibilities as they arise

  • Understand the concepts of team building

  • Identify individual strengths in relation to team building

  • Delegate effectively

  • Understand the continually changing role and why change is needed

  • Understand how to motivate and encourage team members, particulary through change

  • Develop the skills needed to interview, select, counsel and discipline staff

  • Learn how to take a structured approach to researching and analysing information, problem-solving and decision making

  • Enhance your ability to identify team training and development needs and implement appropriate solution.

Who shold Attend

All Executive secretaries, Personal Assistants,  Executive who would like to enhance their skills and improve on their productivity