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Performance and results oriented management (PROM) is a sound management practice that incorporates the use of outcomes or results into the administration, management, and operation of human services. Today, both in the private and public sectors, entities are focusing on the outcome – the result or the product – in addition to program and service, as a must. This course will prepare you for the great expectation of today’s modern organization of producing results in terms of outcomes.

Course Objectives
At the end of the training participants will be able to;

  • Deeply understand current use of performance and results oriented management in developing countries.

  • Design and implement a tailored ROM System.

  • Clearly understand the technical and institutional dimensions of ROM.

  • Plan and implement a ROM System including institutional setup.

  • Monitor and measure performance.

Target Group
Executive directors, Policy makers, Top and middle managers, Directors, Human Resource Managers, management Consultants and all those managers who are interested in improving the level of their organizations performance, especially those who are required to do so within the context of the current public sector reforms.