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Fraud examination is a methodology for resolving allegations of fraud from inception to disposition. The process involves gathering evidence, taking statements, writing reports, and assisting in the detection and Deterrrence of fraud. Through this course, participants will get acuainted with winning techniques for fraud examinaion, examine the different type of fraud and various mechanisms for handling such fraud exhaustively.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completeion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Comprehend the principles of criminology, sociology, and behavioral sciences as they relate to fraud offenders

  • Apply investigative, interview, and interrogation techniques appropriate to fraud deterrence and detection.
  • Analyze, critique, synthesize and discuss the principles of fraud auditing and forensic accounting.
  • Apply ethical principles and reasoning to the conduct of fraud examinations
  • Understand organizational responsibilities related to loss prevention, law enforcement and other security-related subjects
  • To examine legal concepts and training that relate to fraud investigations

Target Group

Accountants, Financial officers, Financial controllers,  Internal auditors, Fund Managers, Financial Economic planners, Budgeting Officers, Financial Analysts and other professionals who make financial decisions in public/private sectors