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The course is designed to expose participants to both basic and sophisticated tools of policy analysis and policy management. Therefore, this course provides participants with theoretical perspectives and practival cases to demostrate praxis in the real world. Participants will acquire state of the art skills in policy research and advanced knowledge of the field to enable  them to contribute to policy and project formulation in the public, private and NGO sectors.

The course introduces participants to some of the basic concepts including; 'public' and 'policy, 'public interest as concepts, the environment of public policy, issues of neutrality, collective responsibility and ministerial accontability. It will also consider government intervations, how they intervene through the use of instruments, and what the nature of policy problems is. The scene is also set for the examination of public policy issues in the commonwealth countries.

Course Obejectives

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:-

  • Understand Public Policy: Definitions, instruments, path dependency

  • Learn the language and forms of communicating policy to different audiencies

  • Appreciate the theories of the State, power, capacities, responsibilitiy and the policy process.

  • Utilize the different Models of Decesion-Making: Rationality, incrementalism, Policy Networks, Issue Networks and governance of public policy

  • Analyze the policy process: Agenda setting, policy formulation.

Target Group

Top and Middle managers, Human resource managers, Strategic planning officers, Management Consultants.