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Services have become increasingly important in the economic structure of many countries in Africa with growing contribution to employment and GPD levels. We leave in a competitive age that is increasingly a service society. Given the liberalization and globalization trends around the world domestic service organizations are also increasingly facing strong competition from international service providers while on the other hand they are significant opportunities for the marketing of services across national borders. This course is designed to address this challenging environment that will enable participants establish a frame work for service creation and delivery and have practical interaction with computer e-marketing models.

Course Objectives
The major intent of this course is to discuss the utilization of marketing concepts and tools that are service oriented. Specifically, by the end of this program, the following objectives will be achieved.

  • To provide attendees with a comprehensive treatment and understanding of the subject matter.

  • To highlight the problems that service providers are likely to confront.

  • To demonstrate a range of concepts and technics for solving these problems.

  • To present the solutions within a theoretical and practical framework to facilitate their application to a variety of service industries.