Africa Institute of Management (AIM)

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The IMSEP, a not-for-profit education consortium, provides affordable and practical opportunities for students enrolled at different AFRICA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTUniversities/Campuses in the World to study and live in Uganda. IMSEP management students have found their exchanges culturally enriching, academically rewarding, and one of the most significant experiences of their undergraduate and post-graduate education.

Students participate in IMSEP to:

  • Broaden personal and educational perspectives

  • Experience new cultures in Uganda

  • Explore new areas of study

  • Learn from different Professors and Lecturers

  • Access new management courses from the African perspective

  • Experience personal growth

  • Meet new people

  • Make new friends

  • Acquire life skills

  • Live in a different area

  • Investigate graduate Universities in Uganda

  • Seek future employment

  • Become more independent and resourceful

The value of cultural-student exchange is an experience of a lifetime providing young people with an unforgettable awareness and lifelong appreciation of each other.
Our strong partnership with Makerere University Business School (MUBS) through the different Undergraduate Faculties, Departments, Entrepreneurship Centre, and the Graduate Research Centre, have made international students realize the aforementioned benefits, and our partnership has continuously strengthened as we share similar strategic goals and visions.