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At Africa Institute of Management (AIM), we have introduced the X-Culture project, which is designed to offer trainees an opportunity to complete a project in a global virtual team and in the process experience the challenges and learn the best-practices of global virtual collaboration.
Studying international business in a classroom is like learning how to swim on a grass field. Even if the instructor provides detailed explanations and uses the most current technological tools, the students will not fully grasp the idea of swimming until they jump in the water and get wet. Educators know that practical experience is necessary to master any business subject.
X-Culture project is changing the face of the International business education.
AIM, therefore, promotes the X-Culture project to allow our international and national business students the opportunity to participate in a hands-on international project.

Why X-Culture Project?

This is a valuable program for students as it is intended to increase the students' knowledge and understanding of other cultures. International education helps students with their language and communicating skills, but also encourages students to improve and broaden their language skills. Students who study internationally develop a different perspective and cross cultural understanding of their studies which will further their education in which will also benefit them when they are in the workplace.

Globalization brings extraordinary changes in international economic relations. Concepts of time, distance, and markets have changed dramatically due to innovation in communications, transportation, and information technology. As a result, companies need new kinds of manager individuals who not only have strong business skills, but who are comfortable managing and communicating across cultures. These individuals understand the potential and risks of new markets and have the ability to think globally while acting locally. Students must take the International Business to another dimension by providing cross-cultural skills valued by multinational and global companies

Why join the program?

  • Access new International markets
  • Gain experience in the world regions, such as Europe, Asia, United States of America, and Africa.
  • To increase probability of success in global businesses.
  • To develop the ability to work with and lead an international team globally.
  • To gain practical experience on the relevant continents and to build a solid professional network with the support of the X-culture project.
  • Circumvent the known business challenges and establish best practices.
  • Develop professional, analytical and problem solving skills.

Where does the Training for X-Culture program take place?
The X-culture program takes place at the 4 different continents and at our main and leading international business Institutions/universities in Uganda throughout the year and the training takes place for at least one week. This involves reviewing the project materials and also taking an online pre-project readiness test, prior to the start of the project and before names of the participants is submitted.
The early tracks of the Project will start from January 20th to March, 15th 2017, March 1st to April, 25, 2017, August 20th to October 15th 2017,October 1st to November 25th 2017 for the late tracks.
This program allows students to immediately start an international career in today's global society and is collaborated by the Africa Institute of Management (AIM), Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda.

Who is Eligible to Apply? Finalists in Business Courses in Various institutions / international Universities in Uganda.

Application Process.
The programs requires a preliminary application form with Twenty thousand shillings only (Ugx 20,000 ) as application fees,  and Training fees  amounting to  Two hundred dollars (150 USD) for International students  or Five hundred thousand shillings (500,000) for  the local students.Five hundred dollars only (500 USD) for professionals.
A pre-test exam will be determined for the students.

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