Africa Institute of Management (AIM)

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Investment in social entrepreneurs encourages a community to solve problems creatively and resourcefully, reducing dependency on international aid. AIM offers unique programme on social venture development to entrepreneurs to help inspire a culture of social entrepreneurship and creative, collaborative problem-solving. This programme uses a high-engagement participatory model and emphasizes sustainability, replicability and capacity building. This course looks at what it means for managers in any type of organisation, identifies the skills and attitues involved; and promotes strategies for developing these in the workplace.

Course Objectives

  • To introduce you to the best practices, successes and failures, opportunities and constraints in developing new social enterprises.

  • To provide you with the tools and conceptual framework to launch a new social enterprise or make funding decisions related to the field

  • To provide new perspectives on the opportunities for leveraging an MBA to impact the social sector.

Target Group.

Entrepreneurs, Business managers, Retirees, Managers, Business Practitioners and anyone else with a passion for entrepreneurship