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The objective of this course is to use a combination of leading edge literature and cases to understand: (a) where the sub-fields of strategic leadership and change are heading; (b) what the emerging problems are; and (c) the likely avenues for solution. This course will equip the participants at all levels with the skills and knowledge to effectivel manage continuous change within their organizations.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course participants will learn how to:

  • Examine the personal and organizational impact of change

  • Identify the best methods of planning for and managing change

  • Effectively communicate change to collegues

  • Support collegues through the emotional turmoil change can bring

  • Help reduce stress levels within teams during change

  • Manage teams effectively through complex change programs

  • Measure the 'success' of change programs

  • Design successful change programs and avoid common pitfalls

  • Develop structured action plans to monitor progress

Target Group

Top and Middle managers, Human resource managers, Strategic planning officers, Management Consultants.