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We live in an era where opportunities for women continue to grow as many African contexts appreciate the need for women leaders. Essential Leadership Skills for women in management is a dynamic course, especially designed aroudn the needs of women that will ensure you develop the skills every confident leader needs. You will discover what people expect from, and respect in leaders as well as discover your own unique leadership style in a female learning environment. Through this course you will be able to meet women leaders who are outstanding performers and journey with them in their career paths. Participants will also be able to undergo personal masterly and deal with mental models that ofen fail them to maximize their full potential. This couse can never leave you the same.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Improve their effectiveness as woman leaders through improved interpersonal communications

  • Learn how great leaders and great managers perform

  • Discover and develop your personal Leadership style

  • Understand  others through understanding behavioral styles

  • Identify and remove obstacles to outstanding performance

  • Balance your ability to delegate with your ability to maintain responsibility

  • Develop high-performing teams

  • Develop greater self-confidence and self-awareness as a leader

Target Group

Top and Middle managers, Human resource managers, Strategic planning officers, Management Consultants.