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Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is an important management tool for tracking the progress and implementation of projects and programmes. It also facilitates decision-making and it is increasingly becoming a core function in both the public and private sectors to help ensure that resources are put to maximum use and that project stakeholders are assured of receiving the benefits that are committed to them. M&E not only helps organizations to reflect and understand past performance, but also serves as a guide for constructive changes during the project implementation.

Therefore, this course will enable the participants to learn how monitoring and evaluation systems provide a crucial source of information for management decision-making. Specifically, the participants will be able to:

  • Apply concepts, principles, processes and framework for monitoring and evaluation systems in various projects.
  • Formulate impact and performance indicators.
  • Learn how to develop and work with a practical M&E system.
  • Plan a project using the M&E Frame works, especially the Conceptual and Logical frame works.
  • Performance Monitoring: Processes, Methods, Measurement of results and supervision
  • Managing projects with Performance Management Information System (PMIS)
  • Designing and conducting an evaluation.
  • Understand the different participatory M&E approaches and data collection methods.
  • Presentation and communication of the M&E results.
  • Sustaining a practical M&E system in the organization.
  • Project Assignment Presentations.

1 week training (21st to 25th May, 2018)

Training fee:
(Please note that this fee does not include transport and accommodation).

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Telephone: +256 393 265 987/9.
Ms. Agatha Muhumuza